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October 23, 2010

What I'm Lovin' and 30 day blog challenge - day 13

Happy Saturday Everyone!! We made it through another week.. YAY! I don't know about you, but this week was LONG. I don't know if it was the fact that it's starting to get dark sooner.. or that Boogies has started teething and seems to be up every hour (and just wanted Mama)

I seen a fantastic blog topic here, and I do hope that she can get a linky started... But in the meantime, I thought I would share what I'm lovin' this week with all of you...

Carrie Underwood's new song "Mama's Song"

watching my 4 1/2 month old baby boy play with his toes and put his feet in his mouth

my new Say Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner (it smells yummy)

This sweet little canister that came in the mail Thursday
from my mom
(She finds the cutest things... and it going to go perfect on my counter filled with coffee)

I stopped at whole foods last night on my way home and found these little bits of love.
The coffee is amazingly good and the pumpkin butter isn't going to last (in my house) either... YUMMY!!

 Go check out what Chicago Cuisine Critique is loving...

Day 13: Goals
Ahh.. The list of goals, or should I say the list that grows? It seems like I add things onto this list faster then I get things crossed o ff....
~Finish with the bathroom remodel
(this is actually one of The Man's goals, but it's my goal to make sure it gets done)
~Finish all of the jewelry projects I've started
~Go to school to be come a make-up artist and aesthetician
(I love all thing make-up and skin care)
~Now that I finally started my blog, my goal is to keep up with it and blog daily
(this blog challenge Katie started does help)
~Get the never ending pile of laundry washed and put away weekly
~Make dinner (at least) 3 times a week
~Lose the remaining 15 lbs of baby weight
~Attend on of Donna Downey's art workshops
~Grow a garden this summer
~Keep up with Booges baby book
~Finish the many books I've started
~Have girls night at least once a month
~Marry The Man and give Booges a sibling
This list can go forever...
Go here and see some of Katie's goals
Thanks for stopping by...
Peace and Love

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