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October 27, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! We are half way through the week, YAY!

I excited to join Lindsey for WIWW... I have gone to The Pleated Poppy for months... every Wednesday... to see what everyone wore for the week. But last week Lindsey said here to 'man up', so I did... and took pictures of myself all week... well I missed a day or 2 or 3...

So here is goes...

hooded long sleeve shirt - Target
cargo type pants (why to big for me) - hand me down
cami - Lane Bryant
flip flops - Payless or Target (every old)
necklace Lisa Leonard
(the mess was picked up right after this picture was taken, please excuse it)

black and grey cardigan - motherhood maternity (ok, I know... Booges is 5 months... but so comfy)
jeans - Lane Bryant
black mary jane flats - payless
white tee shirt - Target (yes it's also maternity)
purple scarf - Target

brown v-neck long sleeved (really soft) tee – Target
green tank – Target
yellow cami – Lane Bryant
jeans – Lane Bryant (yes, I wore them twice in a row, they are the only ones that fit)
cream scarf – Target
light gold(ish) mary jane flats – Payless
necklace – Lisa Leonard (I actually wear it every day)

It looks like this...

Mine is hand stamped with Oliver... I JUST LOVE IT!
Go check out her store here and her blog here

That was fun… now go link up with Lindsey here and share with all of us what you’re wearing

Thanks for stopping by…

Peace and Love


  1. thanks for joining us and sharing what you wore this week!

  2. Love the jeans and sweater look. The scarves look great on you! Oliver is absolutely precious. ;)

  3. It looks great! I cannot wait to get my Lisa Leonard necklace!