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January 7, 2012

a note from Oliver...

Hi There, I'm Oliver... my mama used to blog every day about life, and about me.
Well guess what??
I keep her pretty busy these days, haha!

 I follow her EVERYWHERE, even to the potty.
(I don't think she likes that, but I'm not gonna stop)

So, let me see...
I'm now 19 months old and I just got my first hair cut.
Daddy cut, uh shaved it himself without mama knowing... I don't think she was happy about it.
She seems to be getting used to it cause she rubs my head ALL THE TIME.
What do you think??




Mama's been talking about how she misses blogging, so I'm gonna try to give her a little time a few times a week. I'm NOT gonna promise, but I'll try.
I just love her so much, I want All of her attention.

She keeps telling me that I'm gonna be a BIG BROTHER.
I'm not sure what that means, but I hope I like it.

Oh Shoot, I don't know if I was suppose to tell anyone about me being this big brother person,
I heard her telling someone she had a secret....
Oh well, if she didn't want people to know, she shouldn't have told me...
She knows I repeat everything I hear, HAHA!

Ok, that's all for now... I had fun sharing with you all, I hope mama let's me do it again soon.

Love, Oliver