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October 18, 2011

Happy Blogiversary to ME!

Hey Lovelies!!

Yesterday this little blog turned 1

I remember writing my first blog post..
 I was nervous and felt silly.
I didn't think anyone would read it, really who cared what I had to say (or not say)?
But I stepped out of my comfort, and typed.
I fell in love it with.
I became obsessed (I know, my lack of blogging lately doesn't show it)
I quickly learned that it didn't matter if anyone was reading what I was posting
(even though I LOVE logging on and seeing your comments)
Blogging has become my outlet, a space where I can be myself and share my thoughts, feelings, crafts, life changing things, just about anything and everything.
THANK YOU for reading my rambles.
I have come across some WONDERFUL women.
Some of you I've met in real life, and some.. our time will come.


I promise I'll be back to regular post soon.. as Oliver grows, my computer time is limited.
I will find away,  have missed blogging.
I have so many fun things and changes I want to do around this little blog...
Oliver's Mama is gonna get Inspired!

Thank you for stopping by...

Peace and Love

September 24, 2011

Happy Friday... Happy Fall

Hello Lovelies!!

Long time no talk... I've missed you.
I hope this little blogging writers block/uninspiring/feeling like no one cares what I write funk will go away...
Fall always brings new inspiration for me, so let's hope you'll be hearing more from me very soon.

Anywho.. today is the first day of Fall!!
My favorite time of year... I'm so excited.

Sweaters and Boots and Scarves and Pumpkins and Falling Leaves and Beautiful Colors and Yummy Smell and My 30th Birthday in about 6 Weeks and My Blogiversary in about 3 Weeks....
Oh My!
So much to look forward to this season.

By the way...
 Oliver has sung his first lyrics...
I Love It!

Thanks for Stopping By

Peace and Love


August 23, 2011

summertime fun

Hello Sweet Friends!

Summer is all most over... I'm feeling a little bitter sweet about it.
Although I will gladly welcome cooler weather, I'm gonna miss time outside soaking up the sun
with Oliver.

We have had a full summer, walks in the park and hours at the lake.

Oliver's new thing is giving 'gifts'. I can't tell you how many rocks I've collected this summer,

I do know that once summer is over, and we'll be stuck inside cuddled under blankets,
 I'll find more time to blog... that I'm excited about.
I miss blogging, but my time with Oliver has been priceless.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures along the way

drinking water from the slip and slide

me and my shadow

hanging out with Yoda

being silly at the park

pool time for the first time... mama got in with her clothes on

got the shovel ready... rock searching time

looking for the right one

big smiles

How have you spent your summer?

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

August 4, 2011

He's here...

Hello Lovelies...
I do hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am.
This time last year I was home A LOT, adjusting to motherhood.
Now with a growing 14 month old, I'm always on the go.
Hopefully when the weather starts getting cooler, I'll be a better blogger.

Ok, now on to some GREAT news.

One of my very best friends Adina and her husband Charles 

{finally} welcomed their new baby boy yesterday.

Charles Edward Guzman-Collins
7 lbs 4 oz

This sweet boy joined his 2 beautiful older sisters

Maddison Renae
(yes she is named after me)


Mable Ann
(yes she gets her red hair from me)

I am over joyed... I just wish I was able to be there (in Denver) for the birth.
I was there when she had Maddison, and flew in when Mable was born.
I think I'll be planning a little weekend vacation soon,
cause this 'auntie' needs to love on her new 'nephew'

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and love

July 13, 2011

color inspiration...... High on Life

I smell the weekend... do you?
Happy Wednesday!

It's time for High On Life Thursday
(on Wednesday night)

Link up with Heather and Christina and share with us what has you High on Life...
What's inspiring you? What are you thankful for? What is bringing you joy?
What has you high on life?

(it makes me happy the this cute little button matches my new color inspiration)

Now that's it's summer I'm trying to get out of my boring love for wearing grey.
I've started added little bits of color in my wardrobe... right now my favorite combo is

so girly, so fresh, so happy

I have a MAJOR love for beading, and since Oliver has entered the world I can never find the time to bead... but I'm feeling really inspired these days and think I may have to make time.

I can't wait to see what my creative juices stew up with this fun color combo.

(keep an eye out... a little giveaway is coming soon)

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

July 12, 2011

I have a little obsession...

Happy Tuesday!

Who's ready for the weekend??
 I know I am, it's supposed to be warm and sunny!
YAY for summer.

Summer brings on a new obsession for me...


The smell of coconut has taken me to wonderful places these days.
It has me day dreaming of warm, white sandy beaches...

As I was getting ready for work this morning, and using product after product,
I noticed that most (if not all)
had something to do with my beloved new scent.

And then thought, Oh my goodness... I'm going crazy NUTS!
I've become obsessed with the smell of coconuts.

Here are some of my favorites...

disclaimer: I do not use all of these products together, I probably would though if I didn't think it would be overkill





Coconut has even found a special place in my...
with an iced coconut cafe americano

Today I'm linking you with Kim at It's a Crafty Life for Ten on Tuesday
It's been a while since I linked up here... and since it's Tuesday, and I have 10 favorite coconut
products, I thought it would be fun.

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

July 7, 2011

enjoying the summer with Oliver makes me High on Life!

Hello Lovelies!!

Happy Thursday!!

I have been such a bad blogger lately. When the sun is out, and the weather is warm... all my little man wants to do is be outside, and I don't mind it.

He LOVES the lake,

and the swing,

and taking evening walks (like a zombie),

and riding in the wagon downtown.

and helping water the grass (I'm not sure what happened to the other sandal),

he even likes helping me grocery shop at Target
(he cried for this hat... it's way to big, but wouldn't take it off)

Oliver is going through his 'all I want is my mama' stage... and I'm Loving It!

I'm linking up with two beautiful woman...
Heather and Christina for this weeks High on Life Thursday,
and you should too!

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

June 30, 2011

I'm gonna be an auntie.. and high on life

Happy Thursday sweet friends!
Yay, it's almost Friday... I'm loving that this is a long holiday weekend.
I can't wait to see the look on Oliver's face when he hears the loud BOOM followed by pretty colors of all the fireworks he's gonna see.

I'm super excited that I'm gonna be an auntie!
My little sister called and told me that she is pregnant.
Do I wish she would have waiting until she was older? YES
Do I wish she was more stable in her life and relationship? YES
But I also believe that children are blessings, no matter how or when they come to us.
So, I'm can't wait until late February to see the little sweet baby, to shower it with kisses and hugs
The first time I hear that little voice call me auntie...


Now it's time for you to go link up with 2 wonderful mama's
Christina of My Silly Life
to share with us what has you High on Life

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

June 25, 2011

white shirts and spaghetti don't mix and saying bye bye to the bottle

Happy Saturday Y'all!

It's my first weekend back from vacation, and I want nothing more then to be back in Denver.
I knew I was missing 'home' but didn't realize how much I was missing it until I came back.
These next few weeks are going to he hard... but I'll get through them.

Anyway, on to happier things

I didn't take as many pictures in Denver that I would have liked to... but want to share with you what I have. But first, a little about our trip.

Oliver is such a good little traveler. Our flight left super early (well at 6am) on Wednesday morning. Oliver slept most of the way there, which was nice since it pretty much was a full flight.
He woke up about 45 minutes out in such a happy mood.
I gave him a little car, a snack, and juice box.. and he sat happily in the seat next to me..
that was until another little boy started crying a few rows up.
My little (perfect) traveler wasn't happy about that and started yelling at the top of his lungs at this little boy... it was pretty funny. Since everyone around us started laughing, Oliver thought it was a game... He loves when other people are laughing, he's such a ham.

The first few days were low key, well for Oliver anyway.
I was busy planning a mixed BBQ party we had on Sundayfor my little cousin Jasmine's baptism and Oliver's birthday.

Saturday my dad had a little family get together for Oliver

(these trips are becoming less about me and more about him)

Hanging out in Poppie's backyard.

Hello to Oliver's first spaghetti dinner at Grandmama's
(and goodbye to a perfect white onesie)

messy kisses for Grandmama

Sunday was a beautiful day... we got up and went to church and my brother and I became Godparents
to my sweet Jasmine

then everyone came back to my mom's for a SMALL gathering.
There were aunt's, uncle's, cousins, friends galore.. Oliver had a blast.

He may be the baby... but he sure was telling his cousins who was boss

and they had fun finger painting frosting on his face, which he wasn't happy about

He did LOVE all the sugar he was getting

After running around and playing all afternoon...
he was beat (and so was my cousin's 2 year old son, Noah)

Monday was another low key day... we hung out at my mom's with my brother, and stayed in jammies all day.

It was fun watching Oliver chase these little furry things around.

The flight home was great... well besides me almost missing it.
Thank goodness for 45 minute delays and systems going down.

Well that's my trip in a nutshell...
I'll share a few more funny stories later.

Oh yeah, Oliver said bye bye to his bottle!
Yay for him, such a big boy.
Now if we can just get that pacifier out of his mouth.

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love