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June 25, 2011

white shirts and spaghetti don't mix and saying bye bye to the bottle

Happy Saturday Y'all!

It's my first weekend back from vacation, and I want nothing more then to be back in Denver.
I knew I was missing 'home' but didn't realize how much I was missing it until I came back.
These next few weeks are going to he hard... but I'll get through them.

Anyway, on to happier things

I didn't take as many pictures in Denver that I would have liked to... but want to share with you what I have. But first, a little about our trip.

Oliver is such a good little traveler. Our flight left super early (well at 6am) on Wednesday morning. Oliver slept most of the way there, which was nice since it pretty much was a full flight.
He woke up about 45 minutes out in such a happy mood.
I gave him a little car, a snack, and juice box.. and he sat happily in the seat next to me..
that was until another little boy started crying a few rows up.
My little (perfect) traveler wasn't happy about that and started yelling at the top of his lungs at this little boy... it was pretty funny. Since everyone around us started laughing, Oliver thought it was a game... He loves when other people are laughing, he's such a ham.

The first few days were low key, well for Oliver anyway.
I was busy planning a mixed BBQ party we had on Sundayfor my little cousin Jasmine's baptism and Oliver's birthday.

Saturday my dad had a little family get together for Oliver

(these trips are becoming less about me and more about him)

Hanging out in Poppie's backyard.

Hello to Oliver's first spaghetti dinner at Grandmama's
(and goodbye to a perfect white onesie)

messy kisses for Grandmama

Sunday was a beautiful day... we got up and went to church and my brother and I became Godparents
to my sweet Jasmine

then everyone came back to my mom's for a SMALL gathering.
There were aunt's, uncle's, cousins, friends galore.. Oliver had a blast.

He may be the baby... but he sure was telling his cousins who was boss

and they had fun finger painting frosting on his face, which he wasn't happy about

He did LOVE all the sugar he was getting

After running around and playing all afternoon...
he was beat (and so was my cousin's 2 year old son, Noah)

Monday was another low key day... we hung out at my mom's with my brother, and stayed in jammies all day.

It was fun watching Oliver chase these little furry things around.

The flight home was great... well besides me almost missing it.
Thank goodness for 45 minute delays and systems going down.

Well that's my trip in a nutshell...
I'll share a few more funny stories later.

Oh yeah, Oliver said bye bye to his bottle!
Yay for him, such a big boy.
Now if we can just get that pacifier out of his mouth.

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

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  1. Girl! It looks like you guys had a blst!!! I love all the pictures of O hes growing sooooo fast!!! I hope you guys are having a blast!! I havent been a very good blogger latley, to much fun to be had when its pretty outside!!! Love ya girl!!!! <3