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June 2, 2011

High on Life..... a sweet boy turns 1

Oh Happy Day!

Not only am I off work until Monday,

It's Oliver's Birthday!

Today my heart if full as I sit here watching my sweet ONE year old nap on the couch next to me, I can't help but think of laughs, songs, games, smiles, and tears I have shared with this little one over the past year.  

I never thought I could love someone so much.
When you're happy, I'm happy
When you hurt, I hurt
When you're cry, I want to sit and cry with you.

When you wrap you little hand around my fingers, my heart melts
When you look up at me, smile and say 'iy' (hi) when I walk into a room, my heart melts
When you grab your favorite blanket and your beloved pacifier to curl into my lap just to cuddle, my heart melt
When you sit in my lap as I read to you and you look up at me with amazement, my heart melts
When you take my face in your hands and plant a big slobbery kiss on my cheek, my heart melts.

You are my inspiration to be a better person, to slow down, to live in the present, and to enjoy every minute.

You are my Sunshine!

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Ahhh.... today I'm HIGH ON LIFE!

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