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June 9, 2011

High On Life {and a little catch up}

WOW... It's Thursday!?!?!!!
Where has this week gone? It went by fast. 

Maybe it didn't go by that fast, maybe it just felt that way because I spent most of the week taking 4-5 Ibuprofen every 4 hours, and 1 Tylenol 3 at night.
That's right... I kinda feel like an over-the-counter drug addict.

It all happened Tuesday morning. I was running late headed out the door for work and as I was walking down the stairs, my neighbor was walking her 2 HUGH German Shepherds.
 I looked up to say good morning and completely missed the last step....... and down I went.
I sat there for a minute, got back up limped to my car, and went to work.
By the time I got there, I was in a lot of pain, and my ankle looked like a softball.
I sat at my desk, elevated my leg and had someone bring me some ice.
Before I knew it... it was throbbing beyond belief and starting to bruise.
When I got up to go potty, I almost fall again. I guess I didn't realize how bad the pain really was until I tried to put a little pressure on it and couldn't.
Since I had a little mobility in it, I figured it wasn't broken but knew I had to get it checked out.
I mean really... how was I going to chase Oliver around?!!

I ended up leaving work and drove myself to the nearest urgent care.
After a few (very painful) x-rays, it ended up being a 2nd degree ankle sprain.
Today I was able to bear a little weight on it, which make me very happy.
(walking with crutches was more of a hassle the it was a help)

So I'm stuck with an ankle brace for a few weeks... but am glad I didn't need a cast or do more damage.

Now on to brighter things...

Oliver's birthday weekend was tons of fun.

We spent his birthday at home... he has a few new teeth coming in and wasn't the happiest camper.

He had his one year check up the day after his birthday... which included a few shots.
He is (of course) happy and healthy.
Everything is right on target (which tells me I must be doing something right)
At one year is weighs 23.2 lbs and is 31.5 inches tall

Saturday we finally had birthday cake

Sunday we spent a few hours at a little neighborhood music festival.
I guess Oliver thought it would be a good time to give me my first major panic.
He was playing, and took off running after a little boy he was playing with,
before I knew it, he was flat on the ground.
I rushed over, picked him up, looked him over, realized he wasn't even crying
Everything appeared fine.... until he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood.
OK, it really wasn't a mouthful, but enough to cause panic.
I got him cleaned up,washed his mouth out to really see what was going on..
well, luckily it was nothing major.
When he fell, he must have bit the inside of his lip.
After a little sip of mama blue raspberry slushy, he was back at it... running and playing.
Ah, boys will be boys.
I know that was just the first of many more wipe outs.

I am so happy that this time next week I'll be in Denver... I can't wait.
I was just there 3 months ago, but I feel like it's been longer.
Not only will Oliver be getting 2 more HUGE birthday parties
(one with my dad's family, and one with my mom's)
and I'll get some much needed family time...

My brother and I will become Godparents to this sweet girl

My cousins daughter, Jasmine
who is not as small as the above picture, but I still see her that way

I couldn't be more excited to be Jasmine's Godmother. I love this little girl so much, and wished I was able to spend more time with her. She is the start to my every Saturday (well that if Oliver doesn't bet her to it).
Every Saturday morning since I've moved to Chicago, Jasmine has called me to tell me EVERYTHING that has happened in the past week. I have gotten so used to it, that I even set my alarm clock to get up early enough to make sure I have my coffee made and Oliver is feed and happy
so when my phone rings (around 8:30) she has my attention.
If she is going to be busy Saturday morning, she calls Friday night. The same goes with me, if I know I'm going to be busy (or want to sleep in a little) I call her Friday night.
She truly does have a special place in my heart.

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Peace and Love


  1. I think yours and Jasmine's relationship is the best thing I've read about all week. Thank you for that.

  2. OOOh I cant wait to hear all about your trip to Denver!!! Our little men are just groeing waaaay to fast!!! Give Oliver a huge Birthday Hug from Landon and I !!!!! Thanks sooooooo much for linking up!!!!! Love you girl!