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October 19, 2010

30 day blog challenge - day 9

Day 9-A picture of your friends

I just heart my friends... what a fun topic!! I hope I don't picture overload, but here is goes...

(I'm linking up with Kate at Katie's Journey for this bloggers challenge)

This is Satwian and I being goofy. He is truly one of my favorite people!
very talented too...
check out his jewelry designs...


Carmen, myself, and Tinik having a little fun at a Phillip Morris show (pre baby days)
Maria and I hanging out with out bubby Phillip Morris
(check out his music here)


Cassandra and I before she left to Texas  

(are you tired of looking at pictures yet, I know I promised not to have picture overload, but I also said I heart my friends.. and I really do)

Vianca... she is my Sunshine!
Oh... there are so many more!!! I do have amazing friends, and I love them all!

Natalie, Lyn and myself doing the Zoolander face

Thank you for stopping by...

Peace and Love

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