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October 18, 2010

30 day blog challenge - day 8

Day 8- A place you've traveled to
I heart the idea of travelling... however I don't do it as often and I wish. These days my travels consist of me going to Denver to visit family... SO, I have decided to share a little of my mom's first trip to IL.

(I'm linking up with Kate for this challenge)

My mom came to visit me (finally after living here a year)... and we had so much fun!! I took her down town and she had a wonderful time.

a reflection of us through the 'bean'

I love this view

me on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier

my silly mom on the ferris wheel

looking down at the merry-go-round... it's a long way down

We did so much more... I wish I would have had an extra set of batteries for my camera... BOO!

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Peace and Love

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