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October 29, 2010

30 day blog challenge - day 18 and 19

Hello everyone... TGIF!! WOW, what a stressful day I had yesterday!! When I walked out of work I decided to go to Hobby Lobby with my friend Tiffaney (which is always fun). She drove, and when to brought me back to my car, I got in it and went to start it... and.... it didn't start! This was at 7:00pm and after trying to jump start it myself (which didn't work) I called my road side assistance to come out. The lady I talked to on the phone said she was going to send out a tow truck, but put a note in and said that I just may need a jump (I told her that I had did that and it didn't work, so why she was going to have it done again, I will never know). Well after waiting for about 1 1/2 hours someone finally came... and guess what?? He didn't come in a tow truck. He was told that I just needed a jump. OK, I understand that sometimes messages get mixed up. He tried to jump it and of course it didn't work. He then told me that his company didn't have tow trucks (so why does your truck say 'Aaron's auto and towing?). I had to call road side again and let them know what happened. They put in another work order for me called another company to come out, which took 2 hours this time (for those of you that aren't doing the math, it was about 10:30pm). After he got the car hooked up Tiffaney had to leave (Oh... I'm so grateful for her and glad she was there). And to be honest the thought of ridding in a tow truck with someone I didn't know was a little creepy (you know, that whole stranger danger concept). Well I got home around 12:15am... what a long day!! Now, I'm being told that my engine may have seized (so, maybe this is my fault, my check engine light came on about a week ago and I really didn't do anything... I was planning on taking it in sometime next week. Really there just aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done).

With all of that, I missed day 18 of Katie's 30 day blog challenge, so I'm combining 18 and 19 now....

Day 18: Something You Regret
I don't really have any regrets in life... I try to learn from the decisions I have made and find something positive out of everything. It's a bit cheesy, I know... but it true.
Growing up my mom taught us that we had choice in everything, and always gave us the opportunity to make choices. She would say to choose wisely because we would have to live with it and it would follow us in life. She would also say to own your decisions and always be happy with them and learn from them... and no matter what she would always be there (and she had kept up her end of the deal... so I'll keep up mine).
I have no regrets... just life lessons.
With that being said, the fact that my car isn't working (probably could have been prevented), I do regret not getting it looked at when the check engine light came on.

Day 19: Something You Miss
There are so many things I miss... but right now, what I miss the most is my family, friends and life in Denver.
I miss this scene...

How beautiful, the skyline with the Rocky Mountains in the background. The park this picture was taken in is right across the street from the apartment that I lived it. I would go to the roof and sip my coffee and enjoy sunsets
I hope day I'll be able to convince The Man to move.
I would love to raise Booges in the same city I grew up in, around tons of family.

Thank you for stopping by...

Peace and Love

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  1. Your day yesterday sounds terrible! I'm glad you're safe & sound and that you now have the weekend to relax!