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October 30, 2010

30 day blog challenge - day 20

Day 20: Nicknames
My name is Renae, but I am also know as many other things. Here is a list of my many nicknames...
My mom calls me Pumpkin or Ray
My siblings call me either Sister or Sissy
My dad calls me Baby girl or Renette (my middle name is Annette)
My family (on my dads side) calls me Strawberry
My cousins daughter (my God daughter) calls me Fairy (as in Fairy Godmother)
My friend Satwian calls me ReRe
I also get Nae Nae, or Nae from a lot of people
The Man calls me Care Bear or Babe
and one day Booges will call me Mama
Thank you for stopping by...
Peace and Love


  1. You have lots of nicknames! I didn't have one growing up and wanted on so badly! I have a few now which I enjoy:)

  2. I tried leaving a comment before but i'm not sure if it went through! I went ahead and tagged you on my blog today. Check it out and join along. :)