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March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday {birthday cakes}

Happy Evening Lovely Friends

It's Ten on Tuesday time...
and time for YOU to link up with Kim at It's a Crafty Life and share with us your ten.

It hit me the other day that June is just around the corner.. and I have a birthday party to plan.
I can't believe my little Booges is going to be the BIG 1
I've been looking online at different cakes... I LOVE CAKE!

Here are 10 of my favorite designs

Of course I don't have a theme picked out yet
(maybe I should do that before going straight for the cake)
I do know it's going to be something (kinda) simple... a little back yard BBQ with close family and friends.

When you have a themed party, do you pick a cake to match or just go with what ever looks good in the store?
Am I crazy for want to BIG cake for someone that is turning 1?

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love


  1. I am a matchy-matchy kind of girl so I would get the cake to match! It will look so cool in the pictures! Also, some of the small cakes on top of a cupckae holder with cupcakes under it dubs as a center piece! Good luck with the planning! I remember planning my girls first birthdays, so much fun. It is hard to believe that they are 6 and 9 now. They grow up sooooo fast!

  2. I would pick a cake to go with the theme too. It's hard to pick a favorite from that list, but I love the farm cake the most I think. And the turtle cake. And the polka dot monkey. See what I mean, I can't pick one! :-) Thanks for linking up and good luck with the planning!

  3. For some reason your email address isn't attached to your comments..not sure what happened there..but yes, there is a blogger meetup. I did not initiate it, but it looks like it is happening Thursday April 28th. That's about all we have for details as of yet. Send me a direct email @ so I have your contact info. As soon as I hear more I will be sure to let you know.

  4. Girl I love #3 My favorite!!!!! I did cupcakes for Landon birthday, and everything we used we made!!! I bought a small store bought cake for his smash cake! I did it all on a budget but it was themed! I did primary colors and balls!! The invites and some of the decorations came from the dollar store!! I was sooooooo impressed by their selection!!!! Good luck girl!!! Wish I could be there to help you!!

  5. I so want the turtle cake for my sons 1st birthday in march its his nickname its amazing :)