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March 26, 2011

I love my growing family

Until about four years ago, the youngest person in my family (on my dad's side) was in her early 20's.
 During family gatherings you would hear several times how 'nice' it would be to have kids running around.

Well look at us now...

I just LOVE this picture.
My grandparents (Memaw and Grandpa), with some of their grand-kids, and great grand-kids.

I can't wait to print this picture, frame it, and put it on the shelf in Booges room.
I love family pictures... and this one really make my heart happy.

(more pictures from Denver will be posted soon)

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Peace and Love


  1. YAY for multi-generational family pictures! That's a great one:)

  2. You have a beautiful family!! This pic definitely needs to be framed. :)

  3. Hey! What a totally beautiful family! I am a friend of Heather's over at Some kind of wonderful! Having grandparents is such a blessing and makes for such a rich taprestry for your children!