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March 23, 2011

oh how I've missed my computer, my blog, and all of you {hello}

Hello Wednesday (night)
Hello reality, we had such a wonderful vacation
Hello cold fall like (kinda snowy) Chicago weather, and goodbye sunny spring Denver
Hello to my 9 month old baby boy who started walking
Hello to running noses and fevers... Hello to teething cranky babies
Hello to all of you!

Booges and I are back from vacation, we had such a wonderful time visiting my family in Denver.
We celebrated my moms birthday, visited lots of family and friends, and did a lot of relaxing.

Pictures of course will be posted soon, but for now, it's time for bed.
Going back to work from a long vacation can be hard, I'm going to need all the sleep I can get.

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love


  1. Great site! Thanks for sharing this! I like how you set this up as well as the content!...Daniel

  2. Hey girl! I have been missing you!! Glad you're back, right in time for the nasty weather here in Chi-town! haha
    Happy Thursday!!! xxx

  3. Welcome back!!!! I missed your always positive self, cant wait to here about vacation and see your pictures!!! <3 ya!