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February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello Wednesday, and Hello Snow Day!

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1. I'm loving that today is Groundhogs Day and Mr Punxsutawney Phil had predicted an early Spring...

I am SO ready for warmer weather.. Thank you sweet groundhog for not searching for your shadow. You realized it wasn't there... and it made me HAPPY!

2. I'm loving the 2 hour text message conversation I had with a dear friend.. using only symbols from this funny little table
it was FUN.. and annoying at times. We made a few up of our own.
We were entertained.

3. I'm loving that my sweet baby boy is 8 months old today

I LOVE you Booges, more then you'll ever know. You are growing so fast and learning new things everyday.
I sit and watch you and am amazed, and honored to be your mama.

4. I'm loving that after I finally got home last night (blizzards are NOT fun to drive in) my sweet boyfriend got into his Suburban and drove around the neighborhood trying to help others who were stuck in the snow. He wanted to come help get me home after I sat in traffic not moving for hours... but I didn't let him, the only thing I thought about was him getting stranded with the baby. Once I got closer to home... he did met me and I was able to follow him, driving in the tracks he was making, trying not to get stuck.

(Sorry.. I don't have a picture of him being a 'supre hero', but this is what it looked like this morning)

looking at this... I'm really LOVING that I got out when I did.

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love


  1. Glad you were able to get home safely! What a good boyfriend you have. :) Happy 8 months to Oliver. What a cutie he is.

  2. Happy 8 months oliver! stay warm!!! Happy Wednesday!

  3. that picture of Oliver is precious!! He is such a cutie!!

  4. did you make the texting table chart or did you purchase it from somewhere?

    1. Amy, I found the text table online... we had a lot of fun using it.

  5. Could you post the source of the periodic text table? I'd love a copy!