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February 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends!!!

It's time for my weekly 10.. link up here and share 10 with us.

Today I'm going to share my 10 favorite fragrances/perfumes

(and keeping up with my Ten on Tuesday tradition... I'm going to use more pictures then words)

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love


  1. I'm a serious perfume junkie too! We only have two that are the same though...Happy and Lovely. My favorite ones right now are Pleasures by Estee Lauder, Glow, and Still. {The last 2 are by Jennifer Lopez, which I am somehow embarassed to admit?? But they do smell really good, ha! ;-)} Thanks for linking up, and I love how you always work so many pictures in.

  2. Loving the Armani code...wear it for special occasions...
    Have a fab day! xxx