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November 24, 2010

Weekly Love

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday!

It's time for Weekly Love over at Chicago Cuisine Critique's blog... link up and join the fun!

What I'm Loving this week...

1. I'm LOVING my Booges this week (I love him everyday)
He is getting so big and learning new things everyday. He's trying to crawl and it fun to watch him...
He's so into Mama right now, and I'm cherishing every moment of it.

He has the cutest little dimple

and biggest brown eyes

2. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving... YAY!... my favorite holiday. I love spending time with family and friends, giving thanks and being thankful.

so my dinner isn't going to be big and elaborate... but will be nice (sweet and simple). I'm planning a small dinner for The Man and myself (Booges will feast on baby oatmeal and baby food... sweet potatoes and green beans). Spending the day with my 2 guys makes me HAPPY. We don't get a lot of family time together and I LOVING the idea of a whole day together.

3. I'm LOVING Trader Joe's!! It's been a frequent stop of mine for years (really several times a week). It's on my way home. This year my whole Thanksgiving dinner is from Trader Joe's, and I only spent about $45 (better then the $90 I spent last year). 

Our meal...
turkey breast stuffed with cranberry apple stuffing
sausage cornbread stuffing
maple roasted sweet potatoes
green beans
cranberry sauce
pumpkin pie
double chocolate cake
a bottle of TJ's Sauvignon  Blanc to wash it down

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

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