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November 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!
It's Top 2 Tuesday time over at Taylor's lovely blog!! 

Top 2 Favorite Jobs you've had

1. My newest job... a mama! I love being a mom.
It's the most rewarding job, EVER!
When I come home from a hard day at work (which I do love what I do and have been with my company for 9 years) and all I want to do is NOTHING I have this super cute little face looking at me with a BIG smile and I melt.

2. My second favorite job would be Starbucks back in High School
The hustle and bustle of morning 'rush hour' was never a bore... and I LOVED my fellow bristas.
Getting to know the regulars was always fun...
really who can beat free coffee... all you wanted, all day long
not to mention the monthly free pound of coffee.
However, the coffee smelled that lingered in my hair for hours after my shift was over wasn't always the best
and I don't think I'll be able to drink another frappuccino
(good thing there not my favorite).

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love

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