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April 18, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday on Monday night {things you collect}

 I want the weekend baaaaaaaaack!
Monday came fast, a little to fast for my likings.


I must say, I'm a collector of things... I love small shiny bits!

1. Rocks and Shells

I love the random little red rock
(I came home with it)

Sand filled shell... so simple, so pretty
(I came home with this one too)

I took these pictures yesterday at the Lake Front close to my house.
(really?!?!! who would have thought you can find washed up shells on the 'beach' at Lake Michigan)

Oliver was a good sport while mama picked up rocks and shell and snapped pictures.
(I just love some of the pictures I took, I'll be sharing those soon)

2. Old glass bottle and vases

Most of my collection of bottles/vases live in a beautiful antique cabinet in entry way of my mom's house.
Somehow she convinced me to leaving them with her... at least they are being displayed and not packed in a box, right?!??
(since my collection is 900 miles away from me... I found these similar ones online)

What are you collecting?

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love


  1. I love the old bottles and vases. So pretty!

  2. Those bottles and vases are very pretty! I used to collect rocks and seashells when I was younger! Walking down the shore looking for beautiful seashells brings back amazing memories of my childhood!

  3. The old bottles and vases are gorgeous! I want some. I hope you got my email invite to you with the blogger meetup today. :)