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April 26, 2011

one awesome award from one amazing bloggy friend

Is it Friday yet??
Nope, it's only Tuesday... a beautiful {rainy} Tuesday!

Guess What?!?!!!
I got another blog award!

I am so excited.. and HONORED!

The very VERY sweet Christina of My Silly Life awarded my blog with a sweet award


Seriously people... you need to go check her blog out. You will not be disappointed.
Christina is so loving and sweet, not to mention her little Kai is just so dang cute!
 (ok, you can finish reading my post first... hehe! and I didn't mean to sound so bossy, sorry)

~The Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows~
*Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in you post
*Tell 7 things about yourself 
(I just did a whole post about myself a few days ago, but I'm sure there are 7 more things I can share)
*Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers

~7 things {new} about me ~
(and my feet)

*my shoe size is a 7... it used to be a 6 1/2 but after having Oliver, and getting rid of the elephant feet, they stayed at a 7
*if I could wear flip flops all year, I WOULD!
*I only paint my toe nails in the summer... they have all winter to breath
*I do my whole pedicures... and I enjoy doing them.
 (except when I was 7 months pregnant.. I gladly paid someone to do it for me)
*I have a cute little lady bug tattoo on the top of my right foot
*I have a little brown spot (that looks like a freckle) on the bottom of my left foot... it's a mark that was left behind from a HUGE thorn I stepped on when I was a kid.
I have never walked outside barefooted again.
*my feet are VERY ticklish... and I hate to have them tickled

OK, I'm going to cheat a little... but I love reading all of your blogs, and have some wonderful followers... I am sharing this award with all of YOU!
Please feel free to take it and share 7 things about you with all of us.
 (there I go being bossy again, sorry........... again)

Thank you for stopping by...

Peace and Love

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