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April 27, 2011

a day (or 2) in the life of Oliver {wordish wednesday}

Happy Mid-Week!

I must say, Oliver is one busy little boy...
 always on the go...
places to go, people to see...

He thought the revolving door was the COOLEST thing

a little rain never hurt anyone

stomping in puddles is so fun

now that's he's walking... there no stopping him


'How do I get in here?'

'Is anyone looking?'

'I wonder if anyone saw me put dirt in my mouth'
(*note that grimy hand and dirt above his lip*)

'Maybe if I just walk away I'll go unnoticed'

'I don't think dirt is very tasty'
(someone please push my pocket back in, and snap the button on my pants)


'Hmmm... What will I do tomorrow?'

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  1. Awesome meeting you last night! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Such an adorable little guy! Great meeting you last night

  3. what a cutie!! great meeting you thursday.

  4. Awe...he is just too cute!