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May 14, 2011

saturday babbling


I can't believe it's Saturday already... where did this past week go?
It was a really fast ride! I guess that's what happens when your being a busy bee.

Between working many hours at work, and coming home to a cranky teething boy, and preparing for a
walk-a-thon (that I walked this morning)... it didn't leave every much room for blogging or 'me' time.

But I'm back today... extremely tired and ready for a nap.
However, the dishes are piling up, and the never ending mounds of laundry need to get done.
It doesn't matter that my toes are screaming for a pedicure and my nail look horrible...and let's not mention the dark circles under my eyes that seem to be getting darker, ha.
(the small sacrifices us mama's give up for the sake of our bundles of joy, and life)

Oliver and I did a early morning walk-a-thon for Royal Family Kids Camp.
It's an organization that sends kids that have been taken away from their homes and placed in foster care due to abuse or neglect to a week long camp, in efforts to help them build loving and positive memories.
 We walked (well I walked and Oliver rode comfy in the stroller) for 3 miles and we raised $145.00, which is $45 over my goal. I was pretty pleased. It was a cold and windy morning, but time well spent.


Well, I work the top half of this post around 11:30 this morning and it's now 8pm..

I was going to say I was off to see where the rest of my day would lead me, but stopped mid sentence because Oliver had started his favorite past time activity... going through the trash, GROSS! 
I guess he thought I wasn't paying attention and he would actually get away with it... well he didn't.
It lead to a mini melt down, followed by a 3 hour nap... for the both of us. YAY!

We've been lazy all evening, and it feels good. I guess the dishes and laundry will get done, hmm... tomorrow.

Ok, that's it for now..
I'm going to my remote and blanket that is calling my name on the couch, and gonna snuggle next to that sweet boy that calls me mama. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by... 

Peace and Love



  1. Glad you took that nap! I am not typically a nap taker… but I am getting better about when I am tired just doing it! i know i will be a happier wife and mom if I am rested rather than a clean house but a crankster! I hope this week allows you to slow down some:)

  2. I love a good nap, lately I seem to be needing more and more!! Landon like the trash too hehe!!! Yay for the walk what a great cause!!! Hope you have a great week, we go Monday behind us!!! <3