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May 23, 2011

Idiosyncrasy = weirdness

Hello Monday!

I only worked half a day which was nice. I got a little me time.
I stopped by one of my favorite bead stores and picked up a few little treasures, I can't wait to see what I make with them.
(Hmm! Maybe a little 'made with love' giveaway)
Then I browsed Ulta for a bit.. I desperately needed a new face powder
It felt good, but I was happy to come home to a smiling little boy who was happy to have his mama home early.

Now, on to the fun stuff....
I saw this fun little link up on Heather's blog and it looked like a lot of fun.
You can link up here and share all things weird about you.

(I think every time I write or say Idiosyncrasy, I pronounce it different... every time, which is a little weird in itself)

Idiosyncrasy-from Ancient Greek ἰδιοσυγκρασία, idiosynkrasía, "a peculiar temperament", "habit of body" is defined as an individualizing quality or characteristic of a person or group, and is often used to express eccentricity or peculiarity.

Here are little weird and silly facts about me
I like to think of these little imperfections and things that make ME perfect. They make me who I am.

* I have a slight obsession with scrapbook/craft paper! I love all the textures, colors, and patterns. When it's on sale at Hobby Lobby...... I can't control myself. But it just gets put away, I hardly us it.

* Every time I buy a new nail polish, I tend to always just paint my left thumb nail and leave it like that for a day or 2 to see if the color is gonna work for me. If it works then I paint them all. If i don't like it, it comes off and I start over. (btw, my left thumb is painted a greenish blue color, I LOVE IT! so guess what I'm doing today?)

* I love the way bookstores smell. When I buy a book, I will pick up a hard cover over a soft cover because I don't like the way a soft cover curls.

* I hate shaving my legs... honestly I really don't do it all winter. A little gross and weird? Maybe! ok, yes it is. (note to self... buy some Nair) um, don't worry I shave my armpits everyday...... now is that weird?

* I don't like the sound of someone chewing on ice... but LOVE to chew ice myself (it's a little double standard, I know)

* I love pickles, I mean really love pickles!! Open a jar and give me a fork!

* I have 2 cell phones... and no one is not for work. When I moved to Chicago from Denver I wasn't ready to give everything up.. so I kept my Denver number. Well being here for so long, of course I wanted/needed a local number so I just added a line to my plan, so now I have both.

* Speaking of that, I've had the same {Denver} number since I was 18....... that would be 11 years.

* I don't know how to ration my conditioner. When I buy shampoo and conditioner, I have to buy 2 bottles of conditioner to every 1 bottle of shampoo. In the shower, I shampoo once and condition twice, and I mean 2 big heaping handfuls of conditioner. I don't know why I do this.. but I've done it for years, and do see myself stopping.

* I have a (slight) magazine obsession.. it doesn't matter if it celebrity gossip, the Oprah magazine, or various parenting ones... I love them. I hoard keep them for a long time before getting rid of them. When I buy a new one... I find a comfy place to sit and start reading... from back to front.

Well there you have it.. do you still think I'm cool?

Thanks for stopping by...

Peace and Love,

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