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December 7, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

It's Tuesday... and I'm off work today, YAY! We are taking Booges for his Christmas/6 month pictures this afternoon. It felt good to be able to sleep in a little and lounge around the house
(The Man decided not to go to school, so we're all home together)

Now on to Top 2 Tuesday
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Top 2 Favorite Christmas Ornaments
What a fun and hard topic...
I have a HUGE collection of Christmas ornaments and love them all, but here are my most recent favorites
1. So this time last year I was pregnant with Booges, and I didn't know what I was going to have at the time. I love the idea of 'picking' a new ornament every year, and even though he wasn't here born yet, I wanted to get something, and this is what I ended up with
Mr. Humpty Dumpty is happily hanging from our tree.

This is his ornament this year

2. Ok, this next one is kinda funny... keeping up with the new Christmas ornament idea, last year The Man and I celebrated our first Christmas together
(I know, our first Christmas and pregnant... we didn't wait at all)
I wanted to pick something up for us... I was at the store alone, but wanted him to 'help' pick it out.
So as I stood in front of the wall of ornaments, he sent me on a little scavenger hunt. He told me to look at the one right in front of me and move 2 to the left, one up, 3 to the right... and so one (you get the idea).
Well when he was done... this is what we ended up with

We don't have our ornament this year... we are going to look for one later today.
I don't think I want to play the same game (however it was fun) I don't want to end up with a dump truck or something else crazy.

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  1. That humpty dumpty is so cute! And so is your little Booges.

    I'm visiting from Top Two Tuesday.

  2. So funny about your bus. What a cute memory though. You are lucky your husband would even help. Mine would smirk at me. =)

  3. =)

    That's a funny and adorable story! Love the ornaments.. that reminds me, I really need to put our Xmas tree up!